CMM Retrofit Solutions

CMM Retrofit / Upgrade Solutions :

  • Cimtrix has earned a very good reputation as the most reliable CMM Retrofit solution provider for over 2 decades. We have an unmatched record of carrying out some of the most challenging CMM Retrofit projects.
  • As the CMMs age, it faces problems of obsolescence of CMM software, Controller and probing system but CMM still retains may years of useful life.
  • Cimtrix can retrofit / rebuild your CMM at a fraction of the cost of a new CMM with the latest CMM software and CMM controller together with the Renishaw Probing system. CMM Retrofitting ensures that your CMM is up to date with current technology and extend the useful life of the CMM.
  • Cimtrix CMM Retrofit solutions would ensure that your CMM
    - Is upgraded to the current technology and standards
    - Has the latest Measurement software features
    - Has the latest Renishaw CMM Controller & Probing System such as PH20 or Revo
    - Has enhanced Accuracy and Speed of Measurement
    - Has better reliability and maintainability
    - Has Better Productivity
    - Has reduced CMM Support cost
    - Can also be completely mechanical reconditioned
  • Cimtrix has successfully upgraded more than 200 CMMs of different makes such as Zeiss, DEA, Brown & Sharpe, LK, Mitutoyo, Wenzel, Stiefelmayer, IMS etc. At Cimtrix Systems, we are experts at performing CMM Retrofits of all brands of CMMs

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