MGH Series High-Precision CMMs

Salient Features of Cimtrix MGH CNC CMM:

  • The Cimtrix MGH series CMM has the provision of airtight gantry support, which is the exclusive pattern in high-precision CMM. It is composed of fixed gantry and mobile worktable, with firm mechanical structure guaranteeing the optimal quality, stability and minimal vibration. All this is done to ensure the supreme measuring precision in the entire measuring spatial area.
  • 3 -axis's mutual separation without interference guarantees high stability of system
  • The Y-axis's (moving table) has transmission and drive at its center to avoid the sways in the direction of Y-axis and raises the precision of Y-axis in motion.
  • The Y- Axis (Moving Table) has a dove tail pattern thereby guaranteeing the high precision and the highest quality in motion
  • The guideways of all there axis are quality granite providing small coefficient in thermal expansion and uniform temperature offering excellent stability in temperature and smallest geometrical error in motion.
  • The guideways of all the three axis are of air-bearings which are self-clearing, pre-loading and high precision, guarantees much stability in motion.

MGH-high accuracy series parameters

Model Measuring Error
Probing Error
MPEe (mm)
Lx x Ly x Lz
Measuring range
(mm) Dx x Dy x Dz
Maximum load
786 500x600x400 From 0.9+L/500 From 0.9 700x800x600 500
8106 1680x2420x3127 800x1000x600 600
10128 2028x2816x3560 1000x1200x800 650
121510 2150x3500x4000 1200x1500x1000 700