Cimtrix PICO Shopfloor CMM

Cimtrix PICO Shopfloor CMM:

A universal 3D measuring machine suitable for use on the production floor allows one to control the dimensions at the production stage itself to ensure quality of the part.

Pico 655 is a universally applicable coordinate measuring machine which has been developed especially for the workshop areas. The machine combines a stable and solid construction, high-precision linear guides, a high-dynamic drive concept. The axes are protected by covers and bellows. That is why the Pico 655 is perfect to be used in the production area.

PICO Shopfloor CMM offers Ergonomic working height & good accessibility of measuring area from 3 open sides.

  • The structure of PICO workshop type measuring machine is simple and compact, good movement performance, without air supply, only the power to use, simple and convenient, suitable for all kinds of workshop environment.
  • The high quality granite worktable, which has the characteristic of strong load bearing capacity, wide space and convenient handling.
  • All the three axis have same temperature characteristic with good temperature stability, anti- deformation effect, good rigidity, small deformation dynamic geometric error.
  • PICO Shop-floor CMM uses Ultra high precision linear guides on all the 3 axis. These LM guides offers small resistance, self-lubrication, low wear and smooth movement.

Measuring range

Axis X / length Y / width Z / height
600 500 500
Accuracy (MPEe) 4.5 + L/200 μm