ML Series CMMs

Salient Features of Cimtrix ML Series CNC CMMs:

  • The Cimtrix ML series CMM has the provision of quality steel, lightweight overhead gantry with unilateral and mobile bridge support, which is the design used exclusively for the large or medium CMM. This mechanical designing pattern increases the motion precision of Y-axis guideway, reduces the weight of mobile bridge support, improves the motion performance of system and drastically lowers the rate of beam sways during Y-axis motion, which ensures the precision and stability of system.
  • Application of technology of unilateral and overhead gantry support improves the stability of system's structure .
  • The ML series CMM is built on Solid Granite columns and uses Granite beams for Y axis guideways and Granite X axis.
  • All the three axis in quality granite guarantees small coefficient in thermal expansion and uniform temperature so that it offers excellent stability in temperature, and smallest geometrical error in motion.
  • The technology of raising Y-axis's guideway to the higher level reduces the weight of crossbeam and improves motional performance of system
  • The guideways of all the three axis are of air-bearings which are self-clearing, pre-loading and high precision, guarantees much stability in motion.
  • ML model CMM offers large measuring volume with excellent measuring accuracy.
  • The drive system's with high-performance DC servomotor and the gearing guarantee higher efficiency in gearing, higher precision and higher performance in motion.
  • Z-axis of the CMM is balanced using precision pneumatic cylinder thereby enhancing the Z-axis's orientation precision and stability by a large degree.
Model Measuring Error
Probing Error
MPEe (μm)
Measuring range
Lx x Ly x Lz
Measuring range
(mm) Dx x Dy x Dz
Maximum load
121510 From 2.5+L/200 From 2.0+L/300 From 2.5 From 2.5 2450x2785x---- 1200x1500x---- 4000
122510 2450x3820x3700 1200x2500x1000 5000
152012 2745x3320x4100 1500x2000x1200 4000
153012 2745x4320x4100 1500x3000x1200 6000
183014 3045x4320x4500 1800x3000x1400 6000
184014 3045x5320x4500 1800x4000x1400 6000