ATLAS Series Gantry CMMs

Salient Features of Cimtrix - ATLAS & ATLAS B Series GANTRY TYPE CNC CMM:

  • Atlas series Gantry type CMM is suitable for the measurement of large and extra large workpieces from Automotive, Aerospace, energy, high speed railway and engg. sectors.
  • Application of advanced F.E.M. technology ensures the mechanical structure with many advantages such as good rigidity, small geometric error, high precision, high performance & stability etc.
  • Application of technology of unilateral and overhead gantry support enable this CMM to have simple structure, open operation space, lightweight, and high performance in motion.
  • The Y axis of the ATLAS B series CMM uses double scale & double drives to reduce the bridge deflection in motion.
  • Advanced axis transmission provides high speed and high acceleration.
  • With wide temperature characteristics design, this series CMM have good temperature adaptability.
  • All guideways are air-bearing guideways, composed of air bearings which are self-cleaning, pre-load and high precision, guarantees the large span of bearings, strong anti-sways, small resistance, no abrasion and stable motion.
Specifications Atlas Series CMM Atlas B Series CMM
Measuring Error (MPEe) µm 3.5 + L/200 ~ 7.5 + L/200 5.0 + L/250 ~ 15+L/200
Probing Error (MPEp) µm 3.5 - 7.5 5.0 - 15
Measuring Range (mm) X: 3500mm X: 3500mm
Y: 1500mm Y: 1500mm
Z: 1500mm Z: 1500mm