DAISY Series High-Precision CMMs

Daisy Series high-performance CNC CMMs

  • Cimtrix - Daisy series CMMs are State-of-the-art new generation CMMs incorporating the best CMM technologies.
  • The Daisy series CMMs are provided with superior precision granite guideways for each axis with self-adjusting, pre-loaded air bearings offering the most precise CMM structure.
  • The main longer axis guideway of the Daisy series CMM is a homogeneous dove tail shaped granite guideway offering the most reliable measurement performance and stability to the CMM.
  • Daisy series CMM has a unique triangular shaped hollow granite bridge structure that offers excellent mechanical rigidity and superior measurement performance at high speeds.
  • The Daisy series machine uses digital servo control for stable & precise high speed motions.
  • Cimtrix - Daisy series CMM is a premium CMM provided with fully loaded powerful software & latest Renishaw probing systems to meet today’s demands of higher speed with improved accuracy at affordable cost.

Daisy series parameter

Model Measuring Error
Probing Error
MPEe (μm)
Lx x Ly x Lz
Measuring range
(mm) Dx x Dy x Dz
Maximum load
Daisy Daisy HA Daisy Daisy HA Daisy Daisy HA
564 From 2.0+L/300 From 1.3+L/330 From 2.2 From 1.3 1050x1420x2200 500x600x400 500
686 1356x1940x2710 600x800x600 800
8106 1556x2140x2710 800x1000x600 1000
8156 1556x2540x2710 800x1500x600 1200
10128 1847x2380x3215 1000x1200x800 1200
10158 1847x2680x3215 1000x1500x800 1800
10208 1847x3180x3215 1000x2000x800 2000
10258 1847x3980x3215 1000x2500x800 2100
12150 2047x2850x3615 1200x1500x1000 2200
122210 2047x3400x3615 1200x2200x1000 2200
122510 2047x3900x3615 1200x2500x1000 2300