Starters Motors

Starters Motors

Machines to manufacture hairpin formed motors for automotive direct and geared starters and other high current armatures

  • Shaft & Commutator Press
    Automatic Press to insert Shaft and Commutator to the stack with orientation and position

  • Slot Insulation Insertion
    Insertion of a formed & cut to length insulation material to the slot automatically; O & U types

  • Hairpin Forming
    Press forming in two-planes & de-enameling of elements with custom designed tooling

  • Wire Twisting
    Combined two plane twisting of hairpins open ends to align with Commutator segments

  • Hot Stacking
    AC or DC (50Hz or Mid-frequency) fully process controlled Tang welding to commutator

  • Tinning Station
    Automatic Tin dipping for wire ends with auto transfer to Flux dip, Tin dip & cooling stations

  • Trickle Impregnation
    Varnishing by trickle or dip after pre-heating and post cured with Ceramic or IR heaters

  • Stack & Com/Ringseat Turning
    Turning of Stack & Com/Ringseat using PCD on its own axis by resting on V Blocks & Belt driven

  • Armature Balancing
    Balancing by addition of weight or by reduction by milling in Two planes

  • Bar to Bar Measurement
    Measurement of Segment jump value of the commutator after turning for quality check.

  • Electrical Testing
    Certifying quality by testing of Coil resistance, Joint resistance, Surge and High Voltage