Battery Enveloping Machines – CZ09

Cimtrix manufactured Automatic battery plate separator enveloping machine has feature to insert plates as the envelopes are made. The plates are manually loaded in a magazine which pneumatically dispenses them on to a shuttle conveyor while the PE with or without Glass mat are converted from Rolls to envelopes / pouches. The plates could also be manually placed on a conveyor which transports it on to the shuttle. The gearing is electronic, settable through touch screen making the selection of envelope length programmable. The machine is ideally suited for the Indian environment blending the right amount of automation for making envelopes with skill free manual plate loading.


  • Speed of enveloping – 60 to 90 envelopes / min
  • Quick adjustable conveyor for plate widths
  • Envelope height – electronically programmable
  • PLC & Servo controlled
  • Quick change cartridges for easy plate changeover
Production Speed-only envelopes 90 env/min 90 env/min
Production Speed-with plate insertion 60 plates/min 60 plates/min
Envelope Length (Plate Height) Standard 50mm to 95mm 100mm to 165mm
Separator Width (PE / GM) 45mm to 80mm 100mm to 165mm
Separator material PE / Glass mat / AGM in roll form
Plate Width 45mm to 80mm 100mm to 165mm
Plate Height 40mm to 80mm 100mm to 155mm
Plate Thickness 1.2mm to 3 mm 1.2 mm to 4 mm
Envelope Length Variation Direct input in HMI - Servo Programmable
Control System PLC - Servo system controlled
Operator control 7” COLOR LCD Touch Screen
Dimensions 3600mm L x 1800mm H x 1200mm D (2200mm D)*
Electrical Power 2.5KW, 415V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph Stabilized
Air Pressure 4.5 bars compressed dry air