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Enveloping Machines for
Battery Industry
  Enveloping Machines for
Battery Industry

Cimtrix with its core expertise in motion control identified and developed enveloping machines for the battery industry.

Cimtrix offers a robust 24/7 automation for enveloping battery plates with PE & Glass fibre separators.

Cimtrix has supplied several machines to different battery makes.

It has gained expertise in providing envelopers to motorbike, automotive SLI and Inverter batteries.

Cimtrix has also exported these machines.

Battery Enveloping Machines
Cimtrix provides solutions to automate production of PE & Glass Fibre separator envelope – for Automotive, Motorcycle and SLI – Inverter batteries
Battery plate enveloper is a simple automated machine for enveloping plates with PE or Glass fibre separator & roll glass mat for motor cycle, automotive and SLI batteries.
The machine is offered in plain Enveloper or with plate feeder. The machine comprises of a standard Separator & glass mat unwinder, plate enveloper with servo driven feed rollers and main conveyor to feed the plates
Speed of enveloping – 60 to 90 envelopes / min
Quick adjustable conveyor for plate widths
Envelope height – electronically programmable
PLC & Servo controlled
Quick change cartridges for easy plate changeover
PE Sleeving Machine for making side stitched top & bottom open PE Sleeves for Inverter / Industrial batteries
Video Links:
Basic SLI Enveloper
SLI PE Enveloper with Plate Insertion
Battery PE Sleeve Making Machine
SLI Glass Fibre Enveloper with Plate Insertion
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