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The Precision Horizantal Arm CMM
The Cimtrix - DISCOVER range of precision horizontal Arm 3D Co-ordinate measuring machines are robust, precise and fast CMM built with the use of most advanced manufacturing technology
The DISCOVER horizontal arm CMM is built in granite and special material with all axis movements on precision air bearings and well engineered transmission.
The Design & Construction of the DISCOVER CMM makes it a very stable and consistently performing CMM offering the best measurement accuracy in this class of CMMs.
The DISCOVER CMM is avilable either in CNC / motorised or manual mode of operation.
The Cimtrix DISCOVER horizontal arm CMM is the most suitable CMM for measurement / scanning of large size automotive dies, car body, moulds, fixtures or tooling in both CNC / manual modes.
The Cimtrix DISCOVER CMM is available with the variety of Renishaw probe combinations from basic touch trigger to advanced scanning probes.

The machine can also be configured in dual – column arrangement.


The Cimtrix DISCOVER CMM is provided with the popular CAPPS - the best CAD
based 3D measurement software that is intuitive and user-friendly providing the most contemporary CAD based alignment tools, graphical report generation and reverse engineering features.

Precision Horizontal Arm
Technical Specificatios
Resolution 1 um
Accuracy 25 + 45 L/1000um.
3D Speed 15 m/min


Measuring Range X : 3500mm
Y : 1500mm
Z : 1500mm
Resolution 1 μm
Accuracy 25 + 45 L/1000μm
3D Speed 15 m/min
Capps & Edges
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