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Commutator Turning Machine

The DTM – 2X Commutator Turning Machine has been designed for precise turning operations on commutators. The machine comprises of a solid heavy machine base housing atwo axis servo slide with a tool holder. The armature is supported free across two Diamond V Block supports on the bearing area to facilitate stress free centre less turning. The armature is rotated by a swivel arm belt drive with stepless speed control.
Both the longitudinal traverse and the cross slide are controlled by a precision electrical AC servo motor coupled to a ball screw to facilitate programmability of both diameter and the length of travel.


Stack Diameter

19 – 85 mm

Stack length

10 – 80 mm

Commutator diameter

8 – 40 mm

Commutator Length – turned area

6 – 30 mm

Shaft Length – Maximum

300  mm

Surface Speed




Cutting Depth – Max.

0.2 mm Dia

Finish achievable on coommutator

0.5 – 1 Ra

Concentricity achievable – Comparator reading

< 0.010 mm

Parallelism achievable

< 0.010 mm

Bar to Bar error

< 0.005 mm

Air supply

5 bars


3 Phase 415V 50Hz

* Specifications are subject to change without notice
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