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CMM Upgrade Solutions, Capps NT CMM Software
CMM Upgrade Solutions; Capps NT CMM Software
Cimtrix with its 10+ years of experience in the CMM field offers upgrade solutions to different makes of CMMs. Cimtrix is a pioneer in the CMM Retrofit/Upgrade solutions field in India.
Cimtrix has upgraded several manual and CNC CMMs of almost all brands.

Cimtrix offers optimal upgrade solutions to transform used

Manual CMMs
Joystick operated motorized CMMs

In to reliable an up to date measurement machine


Cimtrix uses powerful CappsNT CMM software from AAT, US for its upgrade solutions


CAPPS is one of the first CAD based online CMM software. AAT developed CAPPS to be a upward mobile metrology software with a strong graphics engine with complete CAD capability, a powerful programming language with DMIS and tree view structure and flexible reporting environment. Over 20 years of evolution, CAPPS has been the leader in CAD based measurement software.




CAPPS ADVANCED: CAD based metrology software with easy to use graphics. Complete control over mathematical model, easy and precise alignment methods, automatic feature measurements and geometry recognition. Parts can be measured with or without CAD models automatically creating DMIS programs.


CAPPS BASIC PLUS: Complete measurement software with CAD capability for geometrical features.


CAPPS BASIC: Capps Basic is the least expensive measurement software with complete geometrical measurement and tolerancing functionality.


Capps NT features:

Easiest plug & play retrofit to any CMM or other dimensional measurement device
Intelligent geometric feature measurement.
Complete GD&T analysis and reporting.
Direct interface with all major CAD systems.
Native DMIS programming & editing via graphics and toolbars.
Tree view lists for CAD layers, measurements and DMIS.
Geometric inspection with laser point cloud data.
Graphical, user configurable reporting options with WEB and SPC support..
Scanning and digitization with touch, analog or laser systems.
Online Machining Center part verification and tool setting.
Program Manager executes inspection programs with single key stroke
Networked program execution, data sharing, reporting.
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