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Automatic Double Flyer Armature Winder:

Provides the optimal solution for winding motors used in Armature Winding Machine
Power tool & Appliances
Motor armatures
Twin Flyer & Indexer units driven by AC brushless servomotors
DSP based multi axis controller with integrated PLC and tensioner control
Automatic wire cutting feature Pull & Cut or Snapper
Electronic wire tensioner with programmable tensions
Optional four pole armature winding with Top – Bottom tooling
Optional four pole armature winding with Top – Bottom tooling Tang or Hook type commutators
Alpha & Automotive hooking
Automatic & Manual wire cut
Automatic first index referencing
Optimal & balanced slot fill
Modular pneumatics with sensor feedback
Fully covered machine guarding with visibility and doors for access



Hook type commutator

Shaft length

45 – 280 mm

Armature Dia

20 – 90 mm

Armature stack height

20 – 75 mm

Armature shaft dia

4 – 14 mm

Commutator dia

15 – 40 mm

Max. wire size

Dia 1.0 mm / 19 SWG

Min. wire size

Dia 0.23 mm / 35 SWG

Winding cycle time

Depends on armature type

Air supply

6 bars


3 Phase 415V 50Hz

* Specifications are subject to change without notice
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